REINVENT documentation & publications

Here you will find all formal documentation of REINVENT, in the order of its publication (most recent first). Click on the title to download the pdf file.

  1. D3.5 Report on synthesis workshop [you can also find the presentations here]

  2. D2.8 Climate innovations and new pathways for decarbonisation

  3. D3.3 Summary of decarbonisation case studies

  4. D1.6 Book writing workshop

  5. D3.4 Report on interim workshop on case studies

  6. D8.7 Minutes from the advisory board’s second meeting

  7. D7.2 Dissemination and communication strategy (final version)

  8. D2.6 Climate innovations in finance

  9. D2.2 Climate innovations in the steel industry

  10. D2.3 Climate innovations in the plastics industry

  11. D2.7 Innovation biographies

  12. D2.5 Climate innovations in meat and dairy

  13. D2.4 Climate innovations in the paper industry

  14. D2.1 Decarbonisation innovations database [The full database is available here]

  15. D4.2 EU decarbonisation scenarios for industry

  16. D3.2 Motivation for selection of case studies

  17. D3.1 Analytical protocol

  18. D4.1 Existing visions and scenarios

  19. D7.10 Poster and roll-up

  20. D1.3 Analytical framework

  21. D8.6 Meeting minutes from the first Advisory Board meeting

  22. D7.4 REINVENT project brief

  23. D9.2 POPD Ethics requirement – Personal data

  24. D9.1 H – Ethics requirement

  25. D8.4. Risk management plan

  26. D8.2 Data management plan

  27. D7.8 Presentation and template

  28. D7.1 Dissemination and communication strategy (1st draft)

  29. D1.5 Critical drivers workshop report

  30. D1.2 Project briefing note

  31. D1.1 Decarbonisation state of the art review

  32. D8.5. Advisory board and terms of reference

  33. D8.3 Internal communication plan

  34. D8.1 Work plan

  35. D7.3 Website launch

Here you will find the publications that have come out as a result of REINVENT’s work, in order of their publication (most recent first). Click on the title to access the article.

  1. Nielsen, T.D., J. Hasselbalch, K. Holmberg and J. Stripple (in press) ‘Politics and the plastic crisis: A review throughout the plastic lifecycle’, WIREs Energy and Environment. DOI: [read a blog post about the article here]

  2. Bridge, G., H. Bulkeley, P. Langley and B. van Veelen (in press) ‘Pluralizing and problematizing carbon finance’, Progress in Human Geography, DOI:

  3. De Cian, E., S. Dasgupta, A.F. Hof, M.A.E van Sluisveld, J. Köhler, B. Pfluger and D.P. van Vuuren (in press) ‘Actors, decision-making, and institutions in quantitative system modelling’, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, DOI:

  4. Bataille C., M. Åhman, K. Neuhoff, L.J. Nilsson, M. Fischedick, S. Lechtenböhmer, B. Solano-Rodriquez, A. Denis-Ryan, H. Steibert S.Waisman, O. Sartor, S. Rahbar (2018) ‘A review of technology and policy deep decarbonization pathway options for making energy-industry production consistent with the Paris Agreement’, Journal of Cleaner Production, 187: 960-973.

  5. van Sluisveld, M.A.E., M.J.H.M. Harmsen, D.P. van Vuuren, V. Bosetti, C. Wilson and van der Zwaan, B. (2018) ‘Comparing future patterns of energy system change is 2 °C scenarios to expert projections’, Global Environmental Change, 50: 201-211.

  6. Vogl, V., M. Åhman and L.J. Nilsson (2018) ‘Assessment of hydrogen direct reduction for fossil-free steelmaking’, Journal of Cleaner Production, 203: 736-745.

  7. Nilsson L.J., M. Åhman M, V. Vogl and S. Lechtenböhmer (2017) ‘Industrial policy for well below 2 degrees Celsius – The role of basic materials producing industries’, Proceedings from LCS-RNet 2017, Wuppertal: Wuppertal Institute.