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Climate Change – What can we do?

REINVENT’s Fredrik NG Andersson and Lars J Nilsson took part in a panel debate titled “Climate Change – What can we do?”, which was part of the event of the European association of former members of parliament of the member states of the Council of Europe. The event took place in Lund and was supported by Lunds Kommun, Lund University and Riksdagens Veteranförening.

The programme of the panel debate was the following:

-       Welcome word: Rector Magnificus Torbjörn von Schantz

-       Moderator: Mrs Kimberly Nicholas, PhD, Associate Professor in Sustainability Science.

-       Guest speakers – theme (15 min./pers.)

  • Mr Jon Andersson, Lund City, Head of Environmental Strategy Unit  – Lunda Eko

  • Mr Lars J Nilsson, Professor at Environmental and Energy System Studies – Zero Emissions: What do we have to work with ?

  •  Mr Fredrik NG Andersson, Associate professor at Department of Economics – It’s the economy stupid !

  • Mr Roger Hildingsson, Researcher in environmental politics, climate governance and the transition to decarbonized futures at Department of Political Science –The Politics of Climate Change: where do we stand?