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REINVENT meets Öhman and Lannebo

Today in Stockholm REINVENTers met leading Swedish fund managers Öhman and Lannebo to discuss Plastics and sustainable investments, organised by Mistra. See more details below.


Short introduction by Öhman

·       A short introduction to fund management and investment

·       Ethics and sustainability from an investment perspective

·       Our current thoughts about plastics from an investor perspective

                             Presentation on Plastics and Sustainable investments from a research perspective

·       New solutions related to plastics and replacement of plastics – current trends

·       Levels of commercialisation 

·       Initiatives and companies engaged for sustainable solutions, in research and development

·       Reflections in regulation and other policy measures, e.g. single-use plastics ban


     Discussion to gain increased understanding about how investors work and which type of research results and information that are of use for supporting sustainable investments (related to plastics).

    Examples of issues to discuss are how climate risks are handled in investment strategies, reflections on stranded assets and divesting, etc. This discussion will also further the dissemination of relevant research results from STEPS and REINVENT researchers.