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REINVENT meets Öhman and Lannebo
1:00 pm13:00

REINVENT meets Öhman and Lannebo

Today in Stockholm REINVENTers met leading Swedish fund managers Öhman and Lannebo to discuss Plastics and sustainable investments, organised by Mistra. See more details below.


Short introduction by Öhman

·       A short introduction to fund management and investment

·       Ethics and sustainability from an investment perspective

·       Our current thoughts about plastics from an investor perspective

                             Presentation on Plastics and Sustainable investments from a research perspective

·       New solutions related to plastics and replacement of plastics – current trends

·       Levels of commercialisation 

·       Initiatives and companies engaged for sustainable solutions, in research and development

·       Reflections in regulation and other policy measures, e.g. single-use plastics ban


     Discussion to gain increased understanding about how investors work and which type of research results and information that are of use for supporting sustainable investments (related to plastics).

    Examples of issues to discuss are how climate risks are handled in investment strategies, reflections on stranded assets and divesting, etc. This discussion will also further the dissemination of relevant research results from STEPS and REINVENT researchers.

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The future of energy in industry
9:00 am09:00

The future of energy in industry

REINVENT’s coordinator Lars J Nilsson took part at ‘The future of energy in industry’ event in Lund, organised by WIN Energy, and gave a talk titled Future Outlook on Energy in Industry. See more information and the programme below.


The future of energy in industry

December 6 2018, Lund

New technology and innovation enables industry to produce, store and sell energy through their operations. This development opens up brand new business opportunities in the industrial sector. If you are interest in WIN Energy, but are unable to attend this meeting, please send an email to

On December 6th we gather national and international actors from start-ups, large corporations, public organizations and academia to discuss the future of energy in industry. Get input and insights and meet new and old business connections – come and join the first stand-alone WIN Energy meeting!

Preliminary agenda

08.00 - 09.00 Registration & mingle 

  • Welcome, Klas Bertilsson, Alfa Laval

  • Energy efficiency in reality – How Alfa Laval support you saving energy, Martin Jönsson, Alfa Laval

  • Presentation WIN, Maria Sätherström Lantz, manager WIN

  • Expectations on WIN Energy, Maria Sätherström Lantz, Patrik Rydén, Olof Blomqvist, WIN and Klas Bertilsson, Alfa Laval

  • Future Outlook on Energy in Industry, Lars J Nilsson, Professor at Environmental and Energy Systems Studies at LTH, Lund University

  • Example of how a large corporate company can work with startups, Sara Hamlin, Eon Agile

  • Energy solutions for a sustainable industry, Sonny Strömberg, EON

  • To be announced, Lars G Hansen, Alfa Laval

  • Pitches by 5 innovation companies: Climeon, Enerzise, Wiotech, Lithium Balance, Alelion Energy Systems

12.00 - 13.00 Mingle and lunch  

13.00 Study visit Alfa Laval (optional)

Place: Alfa Laval, Rudeboksvägen 1, 226 55 Lund, Sweden 
Date: December 6 2018
Time: 9.00 – 13:00 (incl. lunch; optional study visit at Alfa Laval from 13:00)
Host: Alfa Laval

How do I get to Alfa Laval?

From Lund C, take the green bus 4 towards Gunnesbo and get off at the bus stop called "Alfa Laval".

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REINVENT at COP24 side events
to 12 Dec

REINVENT at COP24 side events

REINVENT’s Stefan Lechtehböhmer (Wuppertal Institute) is organising and taking part in three side events at COP24 in Katowice:

  • The industrial contribution to a GHG neutral economy

    5 December 2018. 10:00-12:30, EU Pavilion

    Stefan will give a keynote speech, titled Mitigation pathways and strategies for industry and the role of regions and take part in the panel discussion.

  • Are "system transitions" consistent with 1.5°C global warming possible?

    6 December 2018. 13:00-14:30, Japan Pavilion

    Here, Stefan’s speech is titled Transition of energy intensive processing industries?

  • Climate protection in industry

    12 December 2018. 12:00-14:00, offside (Column Hall at Voivodship of Silesia)
    Organised by MWIDE
    Stefan will moderate the presentation of Minister Professor Pinkwart.

    Climate protection in industry, while improving competitiveness, is an emerging and challenging topic, which can be one of the main game changers in successful climate action. Innovative product development and climate friendly production processes are key for modernising the industry sector and make use of future market opportunities.

    State governments around the world are working towards transferring traditional industries into a sustainable future, ensuring global competitiveness, long-term economic success and secure jobs. In this event, three regional governments will present their approach to supporting industry in this innovation process.

    North Rhine-Westphalia will present its new initiative IN4climate.NRW, which pools knowhow from both science and the energy-intensive industry to fuel research on cross-sectoral fields and identify solutions that add to climate protection and industrial competitiveness. Subsequently, industry representatives will present examples from practice.

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REINVENT workshop: Understanding Innovation Dynamics for Low-Carbon Transitions in Resource-Intensive Industries
9:30 am09:30

REINVENT workshop: Understanding Innovation Dynamics for Low-Carbon Transitions in Resource-Intensive Industries

REINVENT’s workshop, titled Understanding Innovation Dynamics for Low-Carbon Transitions in Resource-Intensive Industries, will take place in Brussels, involving REINVENTERs, policy-makers and industry stakeholders. This workshops connects to the innovation case studies we are currently conducting, across sectors and their value chains. The workshop is devoted to learning from innovation case studies to create new pathways to decarbonisation. 

See the programme here.

If you are interested to join us please contact

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Lowering the climate impact of plastic materials
3:00 pm15:00

Lowering the climate impact of plastic materials

REINVENT’s coordinator Lars J Nilsson moderated the panel debate titled ‘Lowering the climate impact of plastic materials’, held at Lund University and organised by EIT Climate-KIC. The video from this event is now available here.

The themes discussed included reduced consumption, recycling, bioplastics and policies to facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable plastic system. The debate was attended by over 120 people.

Panelists: Alberto Bellini (University of Bologna), Holger Berg (Wuppertal Institute), Rajni Hatti-Kaul, Professor (Lund University), Karl Edsjö (Electrolux), Linda Zellner (Perstorp AB), Pau Huguet Ferran (Ecomatters), Peter Andersson (General Plastics Scandinavia)

Moderator: Lars J Nilsson (Lund University)

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REINVENT visit to ThyssenKrupp's steel plant
9:30 am09:30

REINVENT visit to ThyssenKrupp's steel plant

The REINVENT team from the Wuppertal Institute, accompanied by representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MWIDE), will visit the steel plant by ThyssenKrupp in Duisburg on May 14th. At the Duisburg site, the entire steel production process is carried out - from pig iron and crude steel to the rolling mill and further processing steps. The focus of the visit is to gain an overview of the whole process, focussing on certain steps of the value chain like rolling and casting processes. Moreover, we want to look ahead by getting insights into the state of low-carbon technologies - like the project „Carbon2Chem“ which aims to use emissions from steel production as raw material for chemicals.

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Towards fossil-free steel. Stefan Lechtenböhmer takes part in the panel discussion at the European Parliament
5:00 pm17:00

Towards fossil-free steel. Stefan Lechtenböhmer takes part in the panel discussion at the European Parliament

On 21st February, HYBRIT (Hydrogen Breakthrough Ironmaking Technology), a joint-venture between SSAB, LKAB, and Vattenfall will celebrate its official launch in the European Parliament with a presentation of its breakthrough project.

Stefan Lechtenböhmer from REINVENT will participate in the panel discussion that is part of the event.

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